Brentwood Travel Baseball (BTB) offers a post Little League baseball program designed for our community’s (Brentwood School District) youth from the ages of 13-17, to play other towns in a Whitey Ford League.

All Senior Ball teams of 15 players will use Brentwood State Park (BSP) for most games. There will be 10 games (Tuesday/Thursday), over 6 weeks, at 7PM (using the lights on Field).  Friday night (6PM & 8PM) /Saturday (1PM & 4 PM) will also be at Brentwood State Park.  There will be playoffs at the end of the regular season.

Mandatory showcases are scheduled at BSP to provide each player the opportunity to prepare for the Senior Ball Draft at BSP which will be conducted by BTB Coaches.  This program allows for each player to play both Middle School and BBDP games without a schedule conflict.

The fee for each player will be $105 (inclusive of a hat, shirt, league fee, umpires, etc.…) which must be paid by check only payable to Brentwood Travel Baseball collected on 4/6 or on our NEW online registration.

Each player will be required to have their own gray baseball pants & rubber cleats

Senior Ball Team Managers

Ozzie Peralta operalta@optonline.net
Mike O’Hara Bwbraves24@aol.com

“Little League baseball is a very good thing because
it keeps the parents off the streets.”

– Yogi Berra

And there’s no reason why the benefits of Little League baseball shouldn’t continue when players age out. That’s why Brentwood Travel Baseball Inc. committed itself to this post Little League baseball program designed to use all of the community’s resources to create teams from the ages of 13-17 to play in a pre-existing inter-town league.

The mission is to provide a safe, cost-effective and productive older youth competitive baseball program that offers each eligible child (residing in the Brentwood Public School District) an opportunity to enhance their skills while learning the life-long lessons of a team sport.

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About the Program

We play in the Whitey Ford Division against other nearby communities (such as Hauppauge, Smithtown, and Kings Park, etc.) each spring.

A team of 15 players (or more teams based upon registration) will use Brentwood State Park (BSP) for all home and most away games.  BTB will manage the entire operation.

All persons participating in the BBDP are required to follow NYS Parks Rules and Regulations and are responsible to ensure that BTB field use policies (i.e., field maintenance, practices, conduct etc.) are adhered to at all times.

BBDP will consist of 10 games (2 each week) over a 6 week period and playoffs which will be scheduled prior to the start of the regular season (based upon the number of teams in the Whitey Ford Division), starting in mid-April. Sundays during the spring will be blocked out for Brentwood Travel Baseball games and tryouts.

2018 League


All management and operations will be the sole responsibility of a BBDP Commissioner who shall be appointed by Brentwood Travel Baseball Inc.

For questions regarding the Brentwood Baseball Development Program, please contact: contact@brentwoodbaseball.com